What is BRANK

We’ve built a platform
to buy and sell crypto in a simulated setting.

We have built a platform that allows traders to learn without risking funds.

A unique place that they can fail in style, without the burden of losing or risking actual capital.

Having the ability to learn in a simulated trading enviroment will ensure a 100x fold on the learning curve because its fun!

Once they are confident enough they can join tournaments, share and learn from other traders in the same simulated setting, No Risk of funds!

How it Work


What is Tokenisation? its a set of rules inside a contact helping manage transactions.


Holder DistributionInstant Transfer of Tokens

When tokens are bought and sold, 1% is distributed to all holders of BRANK. 1% to the liquidity pool, 1% to the rewards pool*.

* rewards pool helps users excel beyond their potential, be rewarded for trend.


BSCWhy Binance Smart Chain

We have built an entire system that allows users to use their BRANK tokens for services. Using BSC has allowed us to reduce their cost by 99% turning it into a high transaction token


Road Map

Our team works around the clock to ensure applications and features are deployed on time. Working like clockwork we design, build, test and deploy in spectacular fashion.

2020 Q2 Concept
  • Concept Generation
  • Team Assemble
2020 Q3 Research
  • Proving the concept can work
  • Strategic Plan
2020 Q4 Design & Develop
  • Platform design and technical demonstration
  • Building the MVP
  • Initial Pilot Deployment
2021 Q1, Q2 Pre-Sale
  • Further Testing to ensure integrity.
  • Planning BRANK Token
2021 Q3 BRANK Token
  • Pancakeswap, Coingecko submission
  • Token Marketing
  • Build Token Integration
2021 Q4 Testing
  • Full Regression Test
  • Token Integration Test
  • Deploy Token Integration
  • Token Marketing
2022 Q3 (DST) Decentralised Simulated Trading
  • Design
  • Prototype
  • Assignments
2022 Q4 DST Development
  • Build integration
  • Test Integration

Executive team

TeamBRANK is a broad collection of professionals from Marketing specialists to Developers

Daniel Noormohamed
Founder and Board Member

Has a wealth of knowledge around system logic, architecture and development.

Nick Napier
Head of Comms

Nick Napier is our Comms guy. Amazing how he handles user interactions and issues.


Focused advisors in specific departments helping maintain the cogs of BRANK

Nick Antel
Blockchain Specialist

Patents, Coin Creation and Economics

Mike Ashworth
Junior Crypto Analyst

Excellent Trader, helping others becoming better